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Can My Puppy Or Dog Eat Fruits And Nuts?

Yesterday, I ran into a very excellent information that talks over Fleas On Humans from a new light. Make sure you read this piece of content and inform me your suggestion.

Our pet puppies and dogs like to chew and eat raw or cooked carrots and broccoli. But, there is always a “BUT”. Be careful of tomatoes and raw potatoes as these vegetables will cause tremors, digestive ailments, and irregular heart beats.

Many of us have become interested in home remedies for cats and dogs to hopefully prevent these accidents from happening or to correct the ailment after the accident.

If you are like me, I love French fries and potato chips. Sorry, not good for our four-legged friends. Both of these vegetables have been cooked in fats and sprinkled with salt. Both the oil and the salt are hazardous to our dogs.

You would think that corn on the cob would be a fun food as it would be similar to chewing on a bone; however, this vegetable is a poor choice. The cob has a tendancy to lodge itself in the gut and will need surgical removal.

Mushrooms are great on pizza, stuffed with crab meat, or sauteed in butter and wine, but all mushrooms are poisonous to our canines.

I have seen my uncle give his poodle sliced raw onions and there was no reaction, however, onions, leeks, chives, and garlic can cause diarrhea and vomiting. Through the years I have heard garlic recommended for retarding Fleas. You will need to rethink this recommendation if you have been considering it.

Grapes and raisins will cause tremors, stomach aches, lameness, kidney failure and death. We as human beings enjoy the juiciness of a fresh grape and the sweetness of raisins. And often times we are guilty of giving a small piece to our pet, however, check cookie ingredients. It may contain raisins. Sugar is also bad for both puppies and dogs.

Walnut and macadamia nuts are poisonous or will cause muscle tremors, panting, paralysis, swollen limbs and weakness. Other nuts seem to be okay, but use discretion. My dog will eat peanut butter, but not peanuts. Unfortunately he does not speak English so he is not able to tell me the difference. He loves cashew nuts.

Avocado pits, fruit seeds, and popcorn kernels produce cyanide which is lethal. Or your pet will have breathing problems, fluid in chest cavity, abdomen or heart problems, or pancreatitis.

When I found this information I could not imagine a dog eating fruit seeds or corn kernels, unless it is because they see us eating our fruit and popcorn and they want what their masters are eating. Or they have rummaged through the garbage and trash and ate these seeds mistakenly because the seeds were clinging to a piece of meat.

For food allergy reasons or splintered bones and other foreign objects keep your pet away from garbage and trash cans.

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