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Treat Dogs Fleas Naturally

Currently, I come across a really excellent information that talks about Fleas Pictures from a new perspective. Make sure you go over this information and let me know your suggestion.

Does your dog have a flea problem? You have probably been to the pet store to find a product that will rid your pet of those pesky little varmints. Were you surprised at the toxic ingredients they contained? These commercial treatments can be worse on your pets than the Fleas themselves. For the safety of your pet, “go natural”.

Most dogs will suffer with Fleas at some point in their life. They can get Fleas out in the yard, at a doggie park, from other animals and numerous other ways. It is an awful sight to watch your pet go crazy with the scratching and feeling helpless that you cannot help ease his misery without the use of toxic products. There is also the possibility of him being allergic to the Fleas.

Responsible pet owners are learning that natural home treatments are best for their pets’ health. Commercial products can put your pet at risk for short and long-term side effects. These harmful remedies can also affect your children. Picture your child playing with her puppy and then putting her hands near her eyes or mouth. Nothing good can come of that! I would bet that your home contains some natural foods that will solve your flea problem without the risk to your dog or child.

There are numerous all-natural flea remedies, but the most popular is garlic. Just put a little bit of garlic in your pets food. Fleas will be repelled by the taste and smell of the garlic and will quickly leave your dog in search of another home. It is highly recommended that you thoroughly cook the garlic before giving it to your dog, as it can be toxic to some animals.

For more severe cases of Fleas, you will want to give your dog a mixture of garlic (cooked) and brewers yeast. This can be purchased in a health food store, but better yet, mix it up yourself and put some in your dogs food.

Enjoy your dog or cat and treat them well. They can have a happy and healthy life with your help.

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